Do you need a mommy anger makeover?

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Dear mom, are you tired, harried, and weary of fighting the same old battle with your temper day-in, day-out?  I feel your pain, because I was there myself a couple of short decades ago.

Funny thing – I could also be in that boat any given day of the week, now that I have grandkids.  Or should I say, the Two-Year-Old Tornado.  Taming the temper is not a one-and-done deal.  It’s kinda like anything else you fight against – if you don’t stay on your toes, it can rear up and bite you when you’re not looking.

Sneaky Snake – that old temper.

Mommy Anger Makeover Kit

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Did you know that God doesn’t want you to trudge through your days feeling mad, sad, and like you just want to run away?

No indeed.  He’s right beside you, even though you probably don’t remember that through the mayhem of kids, pets, and husband.

He’s standing with you, mom.  He is FOR you!  And I want to encourage you today by sharing something that WILL help!

Do you need a mommy anger makeover? Are you tired and weary of your temper, but also of your people? Come away with me for a FREE 5 Day Mommy Anger Makeover!

This is my  5 Day Mommy Anger Makeover Kit.

The purpose of the 5 Day Mommy Anger Makeover Kit is to:

>>Introduce a key action to stop anger in its tracks

>>Freshen your devotional life

>>Discover the one thing keeping you from succeeding at overcoming your temper

>>Learn the single most powerful cure for the overwhelmed mama’s heart

>>Learn one of the most overlooked causes of anger


If you are nodding your head, “yes” to any of the above, then I invite you to check out this course saturated with Scripture and an actionable plan to kick-star your motivation for setting godly patterns for your kids.

The mom you oh-so-desperately desire to be!

You can cover a lot of ground in just five days – more than you think!  Consider it a jump-start to a better way of feeling, living, and mothering.

This is gonna be good.

Are you with me?


Mommy anger Makeover Kit


Mommy anger makeover


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      Thank you so much, friend! This has been all God-lead because it sure wasn’t the direction I was thinking! Thanks for helping get the word out!

  1. Hey, girl – SO excited to see this!! I can’t wait to see how God blesses oh-so-many because you’ve allowed Him to work through you… Blessings and love from your co-journey(wo)man 😉

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