How my chaotic soul survived Hurricane Irma's threatening impact. Tips on reviving, replenishing, and flourishing your mama heart in Christ, even in chaos.

How my chaotic soul survived Hurricane Irma’s threatening impact

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Last week, my husband and I loaded up our motor coach and headed to Florida, never suspecting Hurricane Irma’s threatening impact.  I was ready to get refreshed, renewed, and refocused, beachside. Well, that turned into a hurricane nightmare. The previous week, I had a telephone conversation about thriving and refocusing with my blogging friend, Marva, who lives in the British …

To the mom of the strong willed child: there is hope!

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  Recently our oldest son entered high school. Since he is in a new building for high school, the school hosted a preview day. Clayton had no idea where we were supposed to go or what was about to happen. I asked him if he wanted me to go with him and he said yes. My heart was pounding for …

Three tips to change the heart of a strong willed child and avoid the power struggle. Learn how to stay calm, be heart focused, and guide wisely.

3 tips to change the heart of a strong willed child

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  Can you change the heart of a strong willed child? Strong willed children know what they want: they know they want to be in charge, and they know they don’t want to change!  Parents find this challenging, because so often the will of the child is opposed to the will of the parent.  But power struggles are not the …

Your stubborn child; 3 ways he's a next generation superhero! Learn to appreciate and guide your strong willed child's God' given strengths.

Your stubborn child; 3 ways he’s a next generation superhero

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  If you have a stubborn child, I have fantastic news for you today!  Strong-Willers (I call them Swillers) often turn out to be superheros in their own right.  If you’re sitting there shaking your head (yet hoping this isn’t a pipedream), here are three encouraging thoughts for the marathon of parenting these dear (stubborn) souls.       1. …

One advent devotional that boosts year-round Bible study; a devotional app for busy moms, delivering daily, bite-sized truths. #devotionalapp #momapp

One advent devotional that boosts year-round Bible study

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Each year I search for the perfect Advent devotional to use throughout the Christmas season.  I love centering my mind on nuggets of truth surrounding Christ’s birth – truths I’ve never considered before.  Questions, like “Why did God announce Christ’s birth to Shepherds”, and the analogy of sheer darkness with the blinding light of the angel’s announcement.  Or why faithful …

Holiday planning; 6 stress-busting tips for how to do less and enjoy more

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I’m sure when the early settlers sank into their rough-hewn benches, munching on field corn with their new, tan-skinned neighbors, they weren’t thinking, “Someday families all across America will gather ’round the table to celebrate this very moment”. Thoughts of survival weighed heavily on their minds. Forging a new life and government were of utmost importance. Several members of their …

Why a good sense of humor is important in life

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A good sense of humor not only makes you feel better, it can make you healthier, too.  According to this article in Reader’s Digest,  “research has shown that laughing can improve immunity, help regulate blood sugar levels, and improve sleep”.  As an empty-nesting mom, I’ve found a great need for humor these days. My view this morning is a calm, scenic bay …