Ping-Pong Day

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     Yesterday after spending time schooling my girls, I went to the florist with my daughter and talked wedding flowers. It was a heavy duty talk, and we’re only halfway done. I had to leave after an hour and a half because I had a hair appointment. Gotta keep those greys from sticking out too far, ya know.
My husband called to see if I wanted to meet him after the hair coloring – he was out running errands. Yes, dear, I want to go to Staples and Walmart, even though I don’t have to. I’ve only been out all morning, I don’t need lunch – after all, that was 2 hours ago! Not. Don’t worry, I made sure I wasn’t hurting his feelings by saying no, we would catch up with each other later in the evening.
I walked into the house to find a young man standing in my living room, eating a cookie bar and watching a movie on my flat screen.  My son had brought a couple of his friends over to chill – not an uncommon occurrence.  Good thing I like these guys! I chatted with the guys while I shoved some lunch down.
I knew my folks were waiting for me to stop by and load dad’s pill tray and help mom order new checks online. I said goodbye to the guys and walked down to mom’s to take care of business. I had been sick the previous week and unable to get dad’s meds together.  I had sent them a detailed email so they’d have it in writing to avoid confusion, this way dad could do it himself until I rallied. One look told me there was confusion anyway. Not good, but nothing life threatening.
I got mom’s checks ordered while she chattered happily about this or that person and their various needs or illnesses. My mom prays for everyone so she knows the scoop. Always. She loves for me to visit, it never seems to be enough – she always follows me out the door and to the end of her porch, chattering the whole way.
I came back home and took a look at my kitchen overflowing with dirty dishes, cluttered counters, and evidence of Sam’s purchases everywhere. What a mess!
I decided right then we were having leftovers for dinner. The boys were gone by this point or they would have been disappointed at that turn of events. It occurred to me I should have had them clean the kitchen while they were “hanging”.
I actually enjoyed my day yesterday, despite all the ping-ponging.  From my homeschool girls to my almost 23 year old about-to-be-married daughter to my elderly parents, with my college age son in between – all need my attention, all very important in my life. Not to mentione my dear husband, who works so hard for us!
It’s a very busy time of life, I never dreamed how crazy things would be once the kids got older and everyone was either graduating or getting married, going 6 different directions. I don’t always handle the stresses well, but usually at the forefront of my mind is how very blessed I am to have all these wonderful people to be busy for!
Rule #1: When playing ping-pong, ALWAYS maintain a sense of humor!

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