How to pray when you're overwhelmed, discouraged, or just don't know what to do. Hope for an effectual prayer life.

How to pray when you’re overwhelmed

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Are you overwhelmed with the cares of the day, mom?  Have you ever felt detached from God, like He isn’t hearing your prayers?  Do you wish for reassurance and peace, sending up frazzled cries for help throughout the day?

Many times when overcome by a deep need for peace and direction, I’ve fallen to my knees to pray on the worn, blue carpet by my quilted bedside.

After pouring my heart out to God, no matter the surrounding turmoil, I always rise to my feet solid, renewed, and refreshed.

My prayer sanctuary has remained a place of comfort through financial troubles, teen-rearing years, and elderly caregiving decisions.


How to pray when you're overwhelmed, discouraged, or just don't know what to do. Hope for an effectual prayer life.


Last month, I challenged myself to pray on my knees five times a week for twenty minutes.

And mom, things are happening.  Like BIG things!  God is answering questions that I’ve had on my mind for months!

I’m finally listening.  I thought I was before.  But knee prayer is work.

Knee prayer is fervent prayer.

I connect so much better with the Lord when I’m on my knees, praying aloud.

Why?  Because it’s uncomfortable!  I don’t fall asleep and I get all my people prayed for!


I don’t have time for prayer.


Ever said that?  In the book, “Lies Women Believe”, Nancy Leigh DeMoss names this as one of the forty lies we women believe.

Out of a survey of Christian women, 48% of them admitted to believing this lie.

If he (Satan) can get us to do a great many things ‘for God’ without consciously seeking the will of God through His Word and prayer, we may stir up a lot of religious dust, but we  won’t do Satan’s kingdom any  real damage.”


Sound familiar?

It’s not a magic formula for a perfect day, mom.

However, spending time in prayer equips us with the knowledge of God’s constant presence and reminds us to draw on His strength for whatever comes our way during the course of the day.

Here’s a testimony from one mom in the book:


When I spend time in the Word and prayer, my daily life seems to flow along smoothly – even with THREE CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF FIVE.  But then I get complacent and think what a wonder woman I am and stop making it a priority.  Before I know it, my life is in chaos.  I am screaming at my kids and on the verge of child abuse, trying to figure out how I ended up like this.  And what can I do to fix it?  Unfortunately, it takes me a while to realize I can’t – that I need God! 

The lies of Satan creep in so subtly, and if I’m not in the Word, I start believing them.


I believe in knee prayer so much that I started a Couch to Knee Prayer Challenge (C2K) for the month of September. The response so overwhelming that I crafted it into a personal 30-day prayer challenge you can start anytime!  Here is the info if you’d like to join.  Why not try it for a month and see?  Five, ten, twenty minutes a day will set you on the road to a deeper connection with God.  I promise!


One Simple Tip to Diffuse an Overwhelming Day FB



And one more thing,  overwhelmed mom.  If you’re just downright exasperated over kids messing up your plans with upsets, spills, and general mayhem,  I have some expertise in this area (having reared four plan-disrupters myself).  I’m sharing One simple tip to diffuse an overwhelming day over at my friend Kaylene’s blog today and I  hope you’ll hop on over and for this quick bit of sanity!

Here’s an excerpt:

Tammy rushed home from work to begin dinner, anticipating a busy evening.  Games, homework, and a million details swirled in her brain, vying for attention.

But, when she arrived, nothing went as planned.  Kid Number One got off the bus with a scraped knee and hurt feelings.  Kid Number Two chattered loudly over Kid Number One, eager to share the day.  Working to create order, Tammy rounded the kitchen counter to discover doggy doo-doo on the floor, his walk neglected due to the chaos.


To find out what happened next to Tammy, and my secret for surviving chaotic circumstances such as this, click here to read on!


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