a prayer challenge busy moms can sink their teeth into

A prayer challenge busy moms can sink their teeth into

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A prayer challenge busy moms can sink their teeth into

Hi mom!  How are you doing this summer?  Are you a bit overwhelmed with all the popsicle spills and water gun fights?  Having a bit of trouble responding gracefully?  Are the kids flipping your switch 25 times just by lunch time?

I have something special for you.  Something that will help you fit in prayer time each day – even if it’s just a small pocket of time.  And encouraging tool that will give your attitude a boost and feet to your prayers.

Do you ever feel like your prayers are bouncing off the ceiling and you can’t change your attitude because you don’t feel heard?

I know what that’s like!  I mothered 4 kids and boy did I fight my own attitude some days!  I felt myself sinking down, down, down without being able to reroute the day.

But when I realized that God really did hear my prayers right in the middle of chaos, when I believed that He was in the direct movements of my day, I began to claim His strength and overcome those strangling thoughts.

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When, what, where, how?

Beginning tomorrow, July 3, Abi Craig of Joy in My Kitchen and myself are running a Couch to Knee Summer prayer challenge geared towards the overwhelmed moms of summer.

Prayer calendar

One email per week

Access to the C2K Facebook group

Training for how to tap into God’s strength through prayer and grow in thankfulness, contentment, humility, and faithfulness.

Support and encouragement that someone else is out there praying for you!

The challenge isn’t hard – it’s geared towards busy moms!  Come join us and tap into the unforced rhythms of God’s grace this summer.  If you want to be a joyful mom instead of a hot cranky one, sign up right now to receive your prayer calendar and begin the challenge with us tomorrow for the month of July!

Click on the following link to sign up.  We’ll see you on the other side!


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Join the C2K Summer prayer challenge for a summer prayer survival guide for moms. Don't miss out - tap into God's rich blessings and enjoy your kids too!



For the month of July Abi from Joy in my Kitchen (5 kids, and a set of twins), and myself (4 kids – no twins/throw in a couple grandbabies) will guide you through a summer prayer survival challenge just for moms!

What you will receive

  • A prayer calendar for the month of July containing one verse per day
  • One prayer survival email per week
  • Access to the C2K facebook group

Subjects for each week of the summer prayer survival guide

Week 1:  Gratitude

Week 2:  Contentment

Week 3:  Servant’s Heart

Week 4:  Faithfulness

If you need an extra dose of encouragement this summer as you dodge squirting water guns and mop sticky popsicle juice off all of the things, join us!  Just click the box below that says, “Subscribe” and we’ll see you on the other side!


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