5 War Room prayers for strong-willed children. How to pray daily for kids when you're at a loss because it seems you're not getting through.

War Room Prayers for Strong-Willed Children

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Do you ever wonder what to say in your prayers for strong-willed children? 

Defeated, I sat on the kitchen floor in a pile of tears.  Our day, which was supposed to be a fun time together, was reduced to tantrums, yelling, and lots of tears.

Yet if I am honest, I recognize that this place of frustration and heartbreak is something I experience often.  Parenting my strong-willed child has often left me overwhelmed, frazzled, and wondering how to manage the chaos.

At that moment, I knew I needed more than a few strategic parenting tips to help us thrive as a family.  I knew God himself needed to reunite our hearts and change all of our attitudes.

Without His powerful presence, we were on a path of destruction and our fragile parent-child relationship hanging in the balance.

Then, in my weakness, the Lord prompted me to fight for my child on my knees each day in prayer. Little did I know how much it would change me…

5 War Room prayers for strong-willed children. How to pray daily for kids when you're at a loss because it seems you're not getting through.


How War Room Prayers Change Parents

Over time, the Lord has revealed just how powerful war room prayers for our children can be.  

However, I didn’t expect God to change my heart in the process.

In bringing strong-willed children before the Lord, it:

Releases the grasp we hold over them.  

It’s easy to get territorial and hold tight to our God-given role as their parents.  When we start praying deep, war room prayers over our children, it reminds us that they truly belong to the Lord. As parents, we are simply stewarding the gifts we’ve have been given.  While it’s our job to shepherd and guide our children, it’s also our responsibility to release them back to the Lord.

Reminds us that God has a plan for their life.  

While we would love for our journey through parenthood to be easy and filled with mainly good moments, we need to keep an eternal perspective and remember our duty to train up children for God’s glory. Just like all of us, God has a plan for our children and He will guide them on this journey through life.

Restores our strength in weary moments.  

In seasons of battling a strong-willed child, a parent (like me!) can easily feel defeated and overwhelmed.  Yet kneeling before the throne of God, we can find hope, strength, and encouragement to press on. As we come face to face with the grace of God, it’s there we can learn to give grace to our children, even when it’s not deserved.  

5 War Room prayers for strong-willed children. How to pray daily for kids when you're at a loss because it seems you're not getting through.

5 War Room Prayers for Strong-Willed Children


As I watch my child struggle and wrestle with the concept of “no”, or following directions, I see this behavior for what it really is, sin.  

My child, even at a young age, is a sinner and in desperate need for salvation.  I know that while sin manifests itself in many ways, the Lord’s grace and mercy can change a life and heart in the blink of an eye.

My most fervent war room prayer for strong-willed children is that the Lord will get a hold of his or her life and never let go.  


I pray for salvation for my strong-willed child.  May you get a hold of his life and never let go. Save him at an early age and open his eyes to your grace and be forever changed.  Shake up his life and convict him of sin at a young age. May you change him to the core. Channel that strong-will to do mighty things for your kingdom and may he grow to be a man who lives to love and serve you!”


There are times when my child seems out of control and unable to manage himself and his emotions.  Yet I delight in knowing that the Lord gives us the ability to be self-controlled in His name. With God’s help, my child can learn to press pause on the chaos and make better choices.


We praise you for the gift of self-control and how always provide a way out.  Give my child the ability to grow in faith and seek you for self-control even when feelings are strong and emotions are high.  Help him learn to pause and pray before thinking, speaking, and acting. May He grow to seek your wisdom and to have the ability to control himself even when it’s hard.”


While sometimes our strong-willed child surprises us and is quick to obey, many times he fights hard the battle of the flesh.  Just like adults, my strong-willed child battles fleshy desires and making choices to walk in the way of the wise.


Help my child with The battle of his flesh.  He struggles to obey and to choose what is right.  May He make wise choices, even when battling what he really wants to do, because of His love for you and his family.  Let the reward of doing good outweigh the immediate gratification He gets from doing the wrong things. May you grow him in wisdom and may He learn to obey even when it’s hard.

Godly friendships

As a mom who loves the Lord, it’s my prayer that my child may surround himself with children who love the Lord, too.  I pray that by being around those who love God and want to please Him, that those relationships will help keep him accountable and on track.


I pray for godly friendships for my child.  Bring friends into his life who make wise choices and will encourage him to make wise choices as well.  May they spur each other on towards godliness and to make choices that honor and glorify you.”

With God’s help, my child can learn to press pause on the chaos and make better choices.

Family Relationships

When a strong-willed child struggles in the home, the entire family struggles as well.  Whether parents are constantly correcting disobedience or they’re dealing with excessive whining, battling a wilful child can put a strain on family relationships.

One of my biggest areas of prayer for my child is for our family unity.  Even when the correction has to be given or consequences handed out, may we both give equal grace to each other.  May we quickly move past the messy moments to love each other and stay connected as a family rooted in Christ.


You know there are seasons in which we constantly battle our strong-willed child.  Constantly correcting him can leave a strain on our relationship. Please, help our relationship thrive even when consequences need to be given.  Help him to see our love for him and help us give grace for those tough times. May we stay connected at the heart, even when we’re having to be firm and not allow sin to take place.  Keep us rooted in love for each other and faith in you, even when it’s hard. “

While being a parent to a strong-willed child may not be easy, praying these simple war room prayers helps keep your family grounded in love and rooted in faith.  Trust that God has a plan for your family, even in seasons of struggle, and turn to him for strength. He will get you through and give you hope even on your toughest days.


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  1. Great prayers. So many times I get stuck between sanity and taking time out to really enjoy the precious moments I have with my children. May God help me to make decisions for Him in all the moments – good and chaotic.

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  2. I think god lead me to your words as a mother,to a mother. I have been praying for my son who is 29 and now has really got himself in a mess. I needed to hear your favorite war room prays ,they were like talking about me and my son. I don’t know if you would understand what I’m saying but you have helped me to learn to pray in a new way and you have encouraged me. Thank you ! And I thank you God!

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      Isn’t God good to lead us to people who minister to our direct needs? So thankful for your comment, Peggy, and I pray God’s peace and comfort to your soul as you use these prayers for your son. I know the heartache a mom experiences with grown children, so praise the Lord for small blessings!

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