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you’ll want to start with this post, called, “How God’s “yes” overshadows His “no”. It’s a short, encouraging introduction to my family life and has lots of encouraging links underneath you can explore.

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If you’re parenting a boy

you’ll definitely want to go here for “3 tips for when you’re tired of putting the toilet seat down”!


Are you raising a daughter

and you want to develop a close relationship with her?  Read “How to raise your daughter to confide in you”.


Got a strong-willer?

(Or “swiller” as I like to call them?)  Me too, girl.  “Challenge of the strong-willed child – 6 tips to survival”  is for you!


Feeling overwhelmed

with the demands of life, kids, responsibilities?  Stop overcommitment and read “Three things to do when you are on overload”.


Need some encouragement in your marriage?

See “5 keys to keep your marriage alive”.


Need encouragement and support for anger/frustration?


Join the MTO challenge and boost your calm in 2016! A special Facebook group for moms to interact and share encouragement for those "real" moments

Are you tired of blowing it with your kids?  Frustrated by your quickly flaring temper due to seemingly minor annoyances?  Do you wonder why you have such a low tolerance to interruptions in your schedule?

The MTO challenge is about moms coming together in support of one another.  Sharing frustrations, failures, goals, Scripture pillars, and encouragement.

If you’d like encouragement and support in this area, click on the MTO picture to join us.  We’re waiting for you!




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