How to successfully triumph over bad habits and win once and for all. God has a plan for you to win over sin and become victorious. Here's how.

How to successfully triumph over old habits

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Have you struggled with an old habit for years and never been able to break it?  You’re not alone – I used to be in the same boat.

For years I had a stronghold  – a struggle against sin in my life

But God did a wonderful thing.  He reached down into my pit and brought me out, a little at a time.  He loosened those curly, choking tendrils and brought me into the light.

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How to successfully triumph over bad habits and win once and for all. God has a plan for you to win over sin and become victorious. Here's how.



A story of hope

I have a friend named Karen.  She’s struggled with anger and frustration with her kids time and time again.  Each night when she fell into bed, guilt plagued her soul, knowing she’d yelled too much and handled anger wrongly.

Last January, Karen began committing her anger to the Lord.  Again.

But this time was different.  This time, She began praying Scripture.  She claimed specific verses and promises as her battle armor against anger.  She wrote them down and memorized them.

And she joined an accountability group, full of moms desperate to win over their anger too.

Last week, I spoke with Karen, and this is what she said,

You’re the best, Ruthie! I love your heart for helping moms and Moms Time Out has helped me SO MUCH!!! Thank you for encouraging so many moms to turn to the scriptures and God’s promises to us instead of turning towards anger. My entire family says “Thank You!!!”


She’s speaking of  MTO (Mom Time Out), a closed Facebook group, which I started in January based on a prevalent need for moms to control anger and frustration toward their children.  And because I had that same need, I decided to do something about it.

This MTO group was born out of not only my need to control anger, but God’s provision of something called Grace Goals, a course geared toward achieving our goals with Christ, instead of in our own strength!


“Let’s face it, fleshly techniques and worldly wisdom aren’t enough to accomplish true change.

Furthermore, willing yourself into action or task mastering will only take you so far.

When you learn how to access the strength God provides, however, you are truly ready to experience life transformation.” ~ Arabah Joy, founder of Grace Goals


Goal setting sheets for Grace Goals, a new method for setting goals!This course is chock full of rich Scripture passages and goal-oriented worksheets.

>>Learn why grace is the enablement you need
>> Begin to recognize and appropriate grace in your daily life
>> Set practical, godly goals
>> Be confident of God’s favor and power in your endeavors
>> Develop a doable, personal plan for change
>> Receive encouragement in the Facebook group (optional!)


What is this method of goal setting?

1)Grace Goals is a digital download – once you purchase, you will receive it online.

2)A comprehensive 48 page notebook with 5 mini-workshops

3)Printables from each workshop


“If you’ve ever wished you could “do better,” throw off besetting sin or live up to your full potential in Christ, Grace Goals is for you.” ~Arabah Joy, Author of Grace Goals


Maybe your goal is  to

be more intentional about keeping your home clean

develop a regular exercise routine (ahem)

de-clutter your home

spend more time each week ministering to friends or family

send more encouraging notes in the mail

overcome a particular sin or bad habit.

Whatever your goals, this can help you accomplish them.  You see, underlying each physical goal is usually a spiritual need.

Discover your spiritual needs, meet them head on with Scripture, and achieve your goals.


How did I overcome my strongholds?  Through praying the Scriptures daily, hourly, and sometimes by the minute.  God’s Word and prayer is our strongest defense for overcoming sinful habits.  His Word is powerful and sharp – a mighty weapon against the Enemy!

Grace Goals helped me not only achieve (and continue to achieve in Christ’s power) not only my goal, but it spurred me to make a difference in the lives of others!

Grace Goals is only $15.00 which is a fantastic value for such a wonderful product!

Are you ready to change?  God’s Word, prayer, and accountability is the foundation.  But Grace Goals can help!

By clicking here, you can read more about Grace Goals and decide for yourself if you’d like to order.

Remember, you too can successfully triumph over bad habits with God’s help!

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P.S.  If  you have any questions about Grace Goals or would like me to pray for you, don’t hesitate to hit “reply” and shoot me an email!


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  1. Hi there Ruthie! May the Lord bless your Facebook moms’ group, and may He truly use your online presence and words to encourage many moms toward growth. So important that we have role models and mentors!

    1. Post

      Hi, sweet friend! So nice to hear from you! I’ve been praying for the transition back into the swing of things there. Hoping to pop by and visit you soon – don’t forget about Tuesday Talk if you get a chance! Thanks for the well wishes, we have a strong, supportive, growing community and I’m so thrilled at what God’s doing!

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