Join the C2K summer prayer challenge; a prayer survival guide for moms

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Ahhh, sweet summertime!  Pool days, warm summer evenings, and colorful water balloons splitting open just shy of your freshly painted coral toenails. Summer + kids = messy, wet chaos and disorganized schedules.

Sound fun?

As a matter of fact, it’s all in how you view it.  And I’ve learned the secret to adjusting perspective:

Knee prayer.


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Can moms really fit in summer prayer?

I know what you’re thinking.

“This lady is crazy.  How can I spend time on my knees when my kids run around like a bunch of circus monkeys on the loose?  My screen door bangs from constant in-and-out traffic, toys are strewn from the yard to every nook and cranny of my house, and I practically need to rake tracked in grass by the end of the day.”


I know.  I had four kids and summer was nuts.  That’s why I’m sharing 3 ways I fit in time for prayer.


3 ways to fit in summer prayer

1.)  I rose early

This was the secret sauce, and I’m not even a morning person.  I didn’t need a kid up in my face first thing so I adjusted my priorities and changed my habits.  If you can find a way to do this, you’ll save your sanity. (Crystal Paine’s Make Over Your Mornings course is excellent for helping moms change morning habits!)


2.)  I put on a movie

Say you’ve got a newborn and a toddler – you may not be able to rise early after being up all hours of the night.  Once the baby’s asleep for a nap, get your toddler interested in a movie or a 30 minute kid’s show and disappear (within earshot) for a few minutes.


3.)  I made impromptu disappearances when they were occupied

Take advantage of these rare situations and steal away.  Don’t announce you’re leaving the room, just walk out normally as if you were going to retrieve something.  😉


Why you need summer prayer

Sometimes we moms think we’re not doing enough; our work is not important. That is to say, wiping noses and butts isolates us from doing the real work of Christ.

However, it’s simple. Christ puts our work right in front of us. We are in the place we are supposed to be, and learning the unforced rhythm of His grace? Is accepting exactly that. Becoming graceful in that – even in the good ole summertime.

The point often overlooked is that we are to be rearing our people in love, grace, and yes – even the bad days.  And we need to rear in Christ’s strength through prayer.


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Join the C2K Summer prayer challenge for a summer prayer survival guide for moms. Don't miss out - tap into God's rich blessings and enjoy your kids too!

Click this photo to join!

*This post contains affiliate links. You may view my policies here.


Summer prayer challenge; a survival guide for moms

In light of the so-called summertime blues, for the month of July Abi from Joy in my Kitchen (5 kids, and a set of twins), and myself (4 kids – no twins/throw in a couple grandbabies) will guide you through a summer prayer survival challenge just for moms!

This challenge will be simple – no long, drawn-out prayers

This challenge will be full of Scripture

This challenge will be designed to fit your busy schedule!

In addition, you’ll receive a calendar with all the Scripture prayers, one email per week for the month of July from either Abi or myself, and my Wife and Mommy Survival Kit just for joining!

Subjects for each week of the summer prayer survival guide

Week 1:  Gratitude

Week 2:  Contentment

Week 3:  Servant’s Heart

Week 4:  Faithfulness


What you will receive

  • A prayer calendar for the month of July containing one verse per day
  • One prayer survival email per week
  • Access to the C2K facebook group


Sign up here!


Join the C2K Summer prayer challenge for a summer prayer survival guide for moms. Don't miss out - tap into God's rich blessings and enjoy your kids too!

Click photo to join!


Dear mom, you need grace for your summer.  You need strength to react in the way Christ would have you respond to your children.  And you need joy to soak in those fleeting summer moments with your kids. Why not join us for this prayer challenge and commit to even just five minutes of knee prayer 5 times a week?

You’ll be glad you did!


“Father, you know I’m tired and worn out. I need the rest that only You can bring. Help me to walk with you and work with you. Help me to learn the unforced rhythms of Your grace. I know you’ve placed me right where I am this summer for a purpose and You will help me to bear what You’ve planned. Help me to take your easy yoke and learn to live freely in what you’ve bestowed on me. I praise You for Your work in my life! Amen.” Taken from Matthew 11:28-30, MSG


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