Summer Sizzle 2018

Hey girl!  Some of my blogging pals and I have rounded up our top posts to share with each other this season (so we can, you know, lounge at the pool instead of writing new content because we’re slackers like that).  These will be posted each Wednesday for 8 weeks, so if you’re lounging by the pool too, pull out your phone and type in RuthieGray.Mom.  (You know, you can save my blog as an app to your phone to access faster.  Just sayin’.)

I’m super pumped to share these fantastic articles with you so here you go – readeth thou voraciously and be in encouraged!

Summer Sizzle 2018


Week 1:  (June 8):    Struggling with Hardships?  5 Ways to be thankful as you wait by Nicki Schroeder from Showered in Grace

Week 2:  (June 13):  How to Counteract Anxiety with Scripture Prayer by Melanie Redd from Melaie Redd

Week 3:  (June 20):  Daily Encouragement:  3 Joy Sparks to Revive your Spirit by Marva Smith from


Week 4:     (June 27):  1 Powerful Prayer for Christian parents to rear godly children  by Diana Abe from Diana’s Diaries

Week 5:   (July 5):  5 Wisdom Verses to pray for decision making by Deb Wolf from Counting My Blessings

Week 6:  (July 11):  6 ways God’s powerful grace benefits everyone (not just Christians)by Dawn Klinge at Above the Waves

Week 7:  (July 18):  Praying for your husband’s workplace in 5 focused areas by Carmen Brown of Married by His Grace

Week 8:  (July 25):  Lacking Patience?  5 ways to kick stress to the curb when you have a short fuse by Valerie Murray of Valerie Murray.Com