Welcome to my new home!

It’s here! After months of effort and years of agonizing, I’ve launched my new site, and I think you’re going to love it! Rear, Release, Regroup is more of the same kind of stories I’ve been writing for years over at Live, Laugh, Love and Ruthie’s Kozi Kitchen! You will probably notice a few more changes to this site in the weeks to come, which won’t affect your receiving or viewing, only perfecting the process.

The day I ignored my laundry and discovered a more valuable load. Advice for moms to make time for family, even though the laundry's piled high.

The day I ignored the laundry and discovered a more valuable load

Do you ever stop to think of all your benefits? Are they just annoyances? A snotty nosed toddler who just threw spaghetti all over the floor from his high chair. A teen who needs to learn how to drive. An elderly parent desiring a ride to the grocery store. A husband with a to-do list that involves you. We don’t realize our benefits because we don’t recognize our benefits.

There's simple value in a family vacation. Why you should invest your time and effort even when the kids are young.

The simple value in a family vacation

  Imagine three kids, ages 6, 4, and 18 months occupying a hotel room for four nights (parents included).  The baby wallows in a pack-n-play while mom, dad, and the kids crouch between the farthest bed and the wall waiting for her to pass out.  Cramped quarters, a stuffed-to-the-brim mini van, and a noisy helicopter tour service right next door.  Added together, it spells “Family Vacation”, Pigeon …

3 things to do when you are on overload; how to apply Scripture for discernment and advice on how to look at motherhood as a ministry instead of a nuisance.

Three things to do when you are on overload

    Are you deeply enmeshed in your daily duties, rushed and harried, worried about the details of your day, your week, your life?  No time to step back and take a breath – so much to do, too much on your plate?   Are you on overload? For Behold, He Who forms the mountains, and creates the wind, Who declares …

God’s got a plan

God, who continues to spread out the heavens, keep the constellations in the sky and the sea in its banks – also remains steadfast in His love, faithfulness, and righteousness.

4 comforting remedies for your hopelessness. Surviving a seemingly hopeless situation can take all of your energy. How to survive desperation with hope.

Four comforting remedies for your hopelessness

  Are you losing hope?  It’s easy to do while barely keeping your head above water.  Just trying to survive in a seemingly hopeless situation can take all of your energy.  You don’t have it in you to even pray one more prayer, let alone expect better circumstances.     My husband is the eternal optimist.  Nothing is a problem – nothing …