Day 21: The Gilligan Hat – How to escape the island and save your sanity

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You know what I’m talking about, mama. You’re feeling closed in, squeezed tight by the pressure on all sides (including the bathroom door). If you don’t get some air soon, you’re going down, and you’re taking your tribe with you. It’s time to put on the Gilligan hat and escape de island, mon. 4 Sanity saving ideas from a mom who escaped the island.

Day 20: The Hard Hat – 5 Resources for hurting parents

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Are you sorrowing today, mama? This post is for you. Moms with children who suffer from illness or disability. Moms of prodigal children and depressed children, adult children who leave you at a loss as to what to do next. And moms of children who have passed from this life to the next. Here are 5 resources for your hurting heart.

Day 18: The Rock Climbing Helmet – Belay your fears and seize opportunity

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I live in the beautiful, mountainous state of West Virginia. Tourists come from all over the country for white water rafting, sight-seeing, rock climbing, and parachute jumping off the New River Gorge Bridge on the annual Bridge Day in Fayetteville, not far from my home. As you might expect, you’ll find many an adventurous spirit round these here parts.   How often do you get outside your …

Day 7: Fireman’s helmet – Remaining alert to potential fire hazards

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The sight that greeted him upon entering the room was a parent’s worst nightmare. Flames shot up from the iguana tank, perched atop our son’s dresser. The dog barked frantically from the bed beside the sleepy 10 year old, who was just rousing himself. The iguana tank just across the room from my son was in flames. Had the dog not alerted us, the night could have ended in tragedy. Here are some informative tips on how to safeguard your home from fire hazards.

Day 5: The Taxi Hat – How to make memories in the car

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And so it begins. A day of dropping kids off, running errands, picking kids up, attending piano lessons, dashing home, and then back to school for another basketball game (or two).
How can you survive this day after day? Here are a few tips that may never have occurred to you that can help you not only survive, but enjoy the ride!