Dear mom, do you take care of YOU? New Mommy Self-Care Challenge!

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Do you take care of yourself? Being a Mom can wear away at a person mentally, emotionally and physically. We find our hearts longing for refreshment. Sometimes our love cup feels like it needs to get filled before we can pour out one. more. drop. Oh I know how that feels!


Christian inspiration and motivation for the weary mom; Introducing the new Mommy Self-care Challenge! Tap into God's strength for the exhausting days.


Why self-care is important

When our first baby was born I kind of smirked at moms that acted like a trip to the grocery store alone was heaven. When our second baby was a few months old I understood, and self-care became very important to me. I would feel a little petulant if I went too long without an outing on my own. My self-care routines focused on me and I didn’t like when they were upset.

By the time we brought our third child home we had spent two years waiting for her and going through many heart wrenching experiences in the adoption process. God stretched my heart and my faith as He readjusted my attitude to focus on Him. And He showed me what my soul was really craving: a connection with my Creator.


The danger of distractions

I am finally learning that true self-care requires me to connect my heart with God in some way if the refreshment is going to last. I can attend all the girl’s nights out or spend time at the salon every month or browse my favorite store regularly and still come home feeling restless, empty and unknown.


Christian inspiration and motivation for the weary mom; Introducing the new Mommy Self-care Challenge! Tap into God's strength for the exhausting days.


But if I take my self-care routine to the feet of Jesus and ask Him to renew my heart and change me into His image, I find myself renewed and inspired to rise to the calling He has given me: caring for my family with the heart of Jesus.

But it takes effort and commitment to stick to a self-care routine that keeps Jesus at the center because you will be distracted. How do I know this?  The Bible says that our enemy is “walking about like a roaring lion, seeking who he may devour.” {1 Peter 5:8} He doesn’t want you to look to Jesus for your refreshment! Not at all!

And so he dangles temporary pleasures in front of us, telling us over and over and over again that we can get all we need from them.

Am I saying we need to shun girl’s night out, avoid shopping, and never get our nails done? Of course not!  You need to take care of YOU like that too!  That kind of self-care is good and healthy.  But we cannot expect them to give us the spark of life we can only find from Jesus. We dare not neglect bringing our weary hearts to the throne of Jesus, asking Him to renew us on a very regular basis!

And so we need a plan.


The Mommy Self-Care Challenge; helping you take care of YOU

Which is why I created the Mommy Self-Care Challenge. I believe we as Moms need to get started in a healthy, Christ centered, heart renewing, mind refreshing self-care routine!

Christian inspiration and motivation for the weary mom; Introducing the new Mommy Self-care Challenge! Tap into God's strength for the exhausting days.



What exactly is this challenge? It is a simple, brave and effective way to start aligning our hearts with Jesus while navigating the parenting journey. It’s simply 9 weeks of praying specific prayers for ourselves, every day! This is an email-based challenge, which means it won’t add clutter to your life. And it’s only one email, with one focus each week, so you don’t have to write extra to-do lists in your brain to keep you on track!

The challenge starts September 4, so you can sign up now and then forget about it til the kids are back in school.

I would be so honored if you would join me. Click here to sign up or get more info!

See you there!


Hey!  Ruthie here!  Throughout the coming months, I’ll be sharing some of my space here with a few of my very favorite bloggers while I ready for my daughter’s fall wedding! But don’t worry – I’ll sprinkle in my own posts here and there ;)! Today’s guest post was written by Stefanie from Walls of Home.  Isn’t she great?  I hope you’ll join her mommy self-care challenge!

Christian inspiration and motivation for the weary mom; Introducing the new Mommy Self-care Challenge! Tap into God's strength for the exhausting days.Stefani has been married for almost 6 years and is busy raising 3 little people. She is passionate about serving Jesus in the big & little moments of every day life. She loves country life, coffee, adventure and writing. You can learn more about her on her blog Walls of Home and by following her on Facebook and Instagram.








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