The difference between men and women; how opposites attract and how to curb "opposite annoyance"

The difference between men and women

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There is a huge difference between Jim and I (Jim is my husband, if you’re new here).  I am married to my polar opposite.  Let me expound on the subject.

I’m running my first 10k tomorrow.  Jim brought home donut holes from his trip to Washington, D.C. today.

For lunch, I have a veggie burger on wheat thins, hummus, and pretzel thins.  Jim has chips and dip.

Jim eats Captain Crunch for a snack.  I have 94% fat-free popcorn.

Jim is 6″2.  I am 5″2.

Jim can eat a lot and not gain weight.

I can look at a lot and gain weight.

Last week, I ran a couple of miles, walked four, and biked 20.  Jim drove to Washington D.C., ate out with clients, and drove home. I still gained a pound or two – he probably lost five.


The difference between men and women; how polar opposites attract and how to curb struggles with "opposite annoyance"


Our differences extend beyond the realm of eating and metabolism:

1.)  Do not talk to me or expect me to respond to you in the morning until after my first cup of coffee is completely gone.

Jim talks before he’s awake and out of bed. In fact, if I get up during the night to go downstairs for a drink of water, he’ll ask, incoherently, “What is it?”

2.)  Jim is jumpy; I am not. We can be in bed asleep and a wall pop or crack and he’ll jump.  Last week I walked down our bedroom hallway, right past his closet where he stood inside; he jumped and screamed right in my face! All I have to do is stand outside a closed door and wait for him to come through it if I want to scare him.

3.)  He loves football and sports on TV.  I hate it.

4.)  Jim loves to talk.  I am probably the single most informed wife on the planet!  Other wives say their husbands never tell them anything – I don’t have that problem.  I, on the other hand, would rather listen than talk, I just don’t especially enjoy it.  He would probably say  he’s the single most uninformed husband on the planet!

5.)  I love to read and gather knowledge, or just read for fun.  Jim HATES reading.  Period.

6.)  Jim is very outspoken – you never have to wonder how he feels about anything because he’ll tell you before you ask.  I like to keep my opinions to myself.  I definitely have an opinion, you just may not ever hear it.

7.)  Jim is an optimist.  A visionary, a dreamer, a risk taker.  For this very reason, he is a successful businessman.

I am a realist.  Ok, I can be a pessimist, I’d just rather term it a realist.  For every idea he has, I can tell him 5 problems with it.  I let my fear hold me back, keep me from taking risks. (Tomorrow’s 10k is a big step for me, in other words!)

8.)  Jim hates to be alone.  If I go upstairs, he will follow me.  If I go outside, he’ll go too.  I like being alone, I grew up an only child – I don’t mind it at all.  He cannot for the life of him see how anyone would want to be alone and will help me not to be alone for the rest of his life.

Perfectly imperfect

I hope I never have to be alone without Jim in this life because I know he’s perfect for me.

Perfectly opposite, yet perfectly right. 

Have we had our differences?  You bet!  Knock-down, drag-out differences!

But life has taught us, and we are thankful to have each other; to agree to disagree, to accept and to go on.

Because rarely do you find someone who will love you no matter what, who will be committed through thick and thin, ’till death do us part.

I know Jim will always love me, I never have to wonder or worry.

I love you too, Jimmy Gray.  ‘Till death do us part –  forever, for always.


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  1. I can relate. Paul and I share the same value system but that is where the similarities end. It sure can make life excited or shall I say frustrating -depends on the day 🙂

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