The longest (and most dangerous) day ever

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Ever have one of those days where you did so much that at the end of it you could hardly believe it was still the same day?!? Yeah, that was my day.

Blueberry pancakes for breakfast, school with the girls, Jim running in and out trying to manage his job plus our building project and odds and ends.

I ran techincal support and I am SO the opposite of that.  If there ever was a talent for not being computor savvy, I would have that talent.  I use several computor programs for the girls and was trying to install them on their computors.  It would work, and then, it wouldn’t.  It occurred to me that whenever we would shut my computor – where the original programs are installed – their programs wouldn’t work.  So my computor is acting as a server.  I figured that out – me, I DID THAT!!!!

I took Hayley driving and there for a second I thought I was going into a guard rail, but then she turned and I didn’t.  If cats have 9 lives, I wonder how many parents have who get scared to death teaching their kids to drive. She’s doing really well, I just think I’m getting old and I hope I can live through teaching Kylie because she’s working on passing her learner’s now!!!

My son Nolan dropped in for a little visit – and dinner.  He’s adjusting well to college life.  That does a mother’s heart good!

The best thing that happened today was that I went on a mountain bike trail and had an awesome wreck!  I’m still trying to maneuver the rocks and switch backs, and I went down this hill with lots of jutting rocks and then the huge turn right after the giant rock and – well, I didn’t clear the giant rock very well.  I went down and landed on some huge rocks and the bike chain got knocked loose.  I got my very first strawberries from mountain biking!  I’m quite proud of my battle scars, and even prouder that I got up and finished out that ride. I knew what Jim would say when I got home, “Ok, that’s it.  You are NOT allowed to ride anymore, I can’t handle this!” That’s exactly what he said, right after he checked out my boo boos and gave me a huge hug. 

It was a long day, but it was a GREAT day!  I never thought I’d think wrecking a bike was a good thing, but I’m just so proud of myself, it means I’m legit now.  I am a mountain bike rider for real now, I’ve got the wounds to prove it!!!

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