The one thing you need to do today is not the thing you think. The most important thing that should be on today's list.

The one thing you need to do today

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The one thing you need to do today is not the thing you think.  The most important thing that should be on today's list.


It was right there in the fine print:  200mg caffeine.

Folks, anytime you purchase a protein supplement that reads, “High-Energy, Calorie-burning” – turn around slowly and walk away.

I had a little problem last week.

Jim brought home a vat of protein powder from Sam’s because that’s just how much he loves me.

Totally serious here.  The man knows I love a good chocolate protein shake.

But this girl is highly sensitive to caffeine.  As in – I can only drink one cup of coffee per day before my insides start jumping.

Which makes me want to cry, because I adore a rich cup of McCafé with cream.

Anyhoo, to read the rest of the exciting saga and find out if Jim gets in trouble, click on this link to my guest post at Holly Barret’s “Testimony Tuesday”!

I promise there’s a deeper message worth the read.  It’s concerning the one thing you need to do today.

(Besides read my caffeine post.)


Here’s to a great Tuesday – and remember to capture the joy!


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  1. See another thing we have a kindred spirits. I have low blood pressure too. The doctors always have to take it a few times. I reassure them, I’m well and alive. Enjoyed this read and I needed to hear this. I can get caught up in the blogging business too much and it is making me a bit nuts. We will have to talk about this together soon. I feel like since the fam has moved in I can’t devote what I really want to write about, no time.

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      Michelle, do you faint a lot too? I could tell some stories, girlfriend. Last time was in Macy’s Department Store, fell straight back into a purse rack. Freaked my daughter out, ambulance came, big spectacle. One of many.
      Yes, this is what has been on my heart and surfaced when I received your email yesterday! Balance – plus being pressed in with family makes for an incredible need for discernment. I’m praying for you, friend!

  2. I’m with you in the low blood presure club :). When I’m 120/80, I know I’m sick. My resting heart rate is 42 (my husband checks my FitBit during the sermon and accuses me of dying in church each week). I haven’t passed out yet (but when I spent 5 days in the hospital for kidney failure this summer it took the nurses awhile to figure out that the machines taking my vitals were working properly). Now low blood sugar WILL make me almost pass out (or wreck a moped).

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      Hahaha! Such a funny story. Ahh, it’s a cross we must bear, Anita! I could write a book about all the times I’ve passed out and given Jim a heart attack. He worries about me but he’s a worrier anyway and we only need one of those. Wreck a moped, huh? Maybe we should collaborate on that fainting book! LOL! Thanks for stopping by, friend.

  3. Good Morning, Ruthie!

    Over the past few weeks, I’ve been praying about a way that I could encourage other bloggers who have been encouraging me. Through your ministry, posts, words, comments, and faithfulness—your life has been a blessing to mine, and I wanted others to know about you!

    So, I compiled a list of those bloggers who I’ve personally found to be the MOST INSPIRATIONAL on the web.

    You are ONE Of these bloggers – in my estimation!

    You can find the link to the list where you are featured here:

    I’ve also signed up to get your emails, and tried to follow you on your social media outlets!

    I pray that God will encourage you today through these simple acts~

    1. Post

      Melanie, I’m just now replying to this and I’m so sorry – it’s been a “covered up” kinda week! Speaking to a group of ladies tomorrow evening from Phil. 3 about “Leafing the past behind” LOL. I’ve been fighting for time to prepare.
      Anyhow THANK YOU!!! You are the ultimate encourager on this journey, girlfriend! You are the very definition of what a blogging community should be. I appreciate this so much and will make sure I’m following you as well. I’m so glad you’ve received a clean bill of health, and I hope you don’t have to battle that again!
      Excited for the Making much of Jesus series! God bless you richly, friend. So happy to be doing this blogging thing together! 🙂

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