Top 10 parenting, marriage, and faith posts from Rear Release Regroup, capturing joy in the transitions of parenting. Advice on raising children to adults.

Top 10 parenting, marriage, and faith posts from Rear Release Regroup

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Today we’re featuring our top 10 parenting, marriage, and faith posts of 2016 because moms need quick fixes during this busy season.

A.  I’m a mom

B.  You’re a mom

C.  We’re both swamped right now and can’t remember what day it is #becauseholidays


Hi.  I’m Ruthie, the owner and writer of this parenting blog.  Here at Rear Release Regroup, we are all about raising children joyfully.  We are about growing in our faith through prayer, Scripture, and accountability to each other.

TIP:  if you hang around til the end, you’ll get to see a Christmas photo of my family and I.  It’s much cuter than this picture of me. 🙂



Topics here at RRR are:

>>Parenting (duh)



>>Christian living


And coming in 2017:

 >>Exercise/healthy eating

>>Fashion for the middle-aged mama


Who this blog is for:

Moms who are Rearing – you’re in the trenches, trying to maintain your sanity, yet hiding in the closet with your cookies (light off  so as to remain undetected).

Moms who are Releasing – one day it hit you that your kids actually grew up and left (or are leaving).  The thing you thought you’d always be doing has come to an end, and surprisingly enough, you’re sad.

Moms who are Regrouping – so the kids left.  Now what?  Do I twiddle my thumbs and look out the window?  Watch football and take up basket-weaving?  Eat cheese 24/7?

I’ve been in your shoes – all six pair (don’t ask my husband how many I really have.)  My four grown children are ages 20-27.  I’ve got two in the nest and two out (they tend to jump out and back in those first few years of releasing).

And God showed up in every season!  


Thank you for either subscribing to this blog! (You are a subscriber right?  You get free wife and mommy survival kit and everything!),  I’m here to encourage you in whatever parenting season you’re in, because my passion is mentoring moms and I believe God called me to it.

So without further ado, I give you my:

Top 10 most popular blog posts for 2016

Grab a hot cup of cocoa and join me!



Top 10 parenting, marriage, and faith posts from Rear Release Regroup, capturing joy in the transitions of parenting. Advice on raising children to adults.

*This post may contain affiliate links.  Should you choose to purchase certain advertised items, I will receive a small compensation at no extra cost to you, which will help keep this blog up and running!  You may view my policies here.


1.)  6 Truths you need to know about your War Room prayers

If you attended the movie War Room like millions of wives across America, you probably rushed home and pitched those 99 pairs of shoes in your closet in search of a fresh lease on prayer.  But if your prayers fell flat and you quickly resolve, this post will renew your courage.

INCLUDED:  6 Powerful Scripture Prayers for the Overwhelmed Mom



2.)  How to raise your children to love their siblings

When certain children of mine (who will remain nameless) fought over chair space at the table, scratched, bit, and demeaned their siblings, I had nightmares of family group therapy.  I just knew Christmas with the Krank-y adult children would end in family riots like something straight out of a Geraldo rerun.

BUT – that didn’t happen!  In this post, I share 5 tips for fostering close sibling relationships.  It works!





3.  How God uses shy people to accomplish bold purposes

I was born shy.  I was begotten of shy.  And my grandmother?  She wouldn’t even leave the house.  But God has a purpose for oh ye of introverted ilk, and sometimes, we even learn to step out of our bubble!  This is a story of how God used my shy father to reach hundreds – maybe even thousands – for Christ.


God has a plan for you, too!  Here’s how.  Featuring my Top Ten Tips for Raising a Confident Young Manbecause my son was fourth-generation shy – this is how we raised him to confidence.



4.)  How to make time for a consistent prayer life

Last year, I began a search to deepen my prayer life.  This popular post features four practical tips, including how to make a simple prayer journal, and the popular Couch To Knee 30-day Prayer Challenge (C2K), which grew not only my faith, but that of the hundreds who committed to the powerful practice of knee prayer!

Join the C2K Challenge here!




5.)  Challenge of the strong-willed child; 6 tips to survival

Got a ‘Swiller on your hands (Strong-Willer)?  Sista, I had two of ’em.  Boy did we have some go’rounds back in the day.  But I have GREAT news for you about Swillers – they turn into strong, godly leaders if you tap into these 6 resources!

Say it with me now:  I.CAN.DO.THIS.

Yes, you can!  I did, and here’s how!

*Featuring a free chapter of my book, Count to Nine; 9 Liberating Steps for Mom Frustration and Anger!

Click the book for more information on Count to Nine; 9 liberating steps for mom frustration and anger!

6.)  How to find God’s will for your life

Written as I emerged from a fog of empty-nest depression (it’s a real thing, ya’ll), I grappled with what to do next with my life.  I found clear direction in one specific passage of Scripture, which set me on a path of wonder, joy, and stepping out in faith!

I hope you will be as encouraged as I was with this discovery, and my subsequent change in attitude.



7.)  How to stop yelling at your kids

Last year I did a Mad Mom Makeover featuring 8 of my best mommy blogging buddies and WOW did we glean some insight!   This post by Val Murray at Cord of 6 topped the charts each week as moms sought freedom from anger and frustration.

Moms need to know – there is a better way, and God has the answers!





8.)  7 Powerful truths for when you can’t control anger

We focused quite about on the topic of anger on the blog last year, because frankly, most moms deal with it.  This post gained lots of traction because it provided hope with the truth that God said it’s not wrong to be angry!  What’s wrong is how we react sometimes.

Moms discovered my supportive closed Facebook group called Mom Time Out (MTO) and grew to enjoy a sense of camaraderie and prayerfulness through sharing the frustrations of motherhood.  You can still join MTO for a limited time!



9.)  3 Reasons why you need a church family

Let’s face it, most everyone has been hurt in church at some point.  Most everyone has been hurt when dealing with humans of any sort.  Church members are just saved sinners – flawed believers who have chosen to unify with other flawed believers and accept one another (hopefully) to Christ’s glory.

This post received both negative as well as positive attention, because we all have a church story.  But, we need each other in the body of Christ, and this post explains why.


How to raise your children to be respectful. 4 overlooked tips for effective parenting.



10.)  One question that will determine your marriage’s destiny

All year long, I received emails from disheartened wives, desperate to save their marriages.  I believe God instituted marriage between a man and a woman and I believe He wants us to remain married.  My husband and I had our share of tough times, but we chose to stick it out (for nearly 30 long years)! 😉  This is an encouraging post to help you when the going gets tough.

Many of these wives remained in abusive situations because they truly desired Christ first in their marriage.  I wrote this post, as well as this one called,  Warning:  3 Unhealthy Indicators your marriage needs boundaries, which also features the Marriage and Boundaries pack.



Well, mama, thanks for coming along for the ride – it’s been a great year here on the blog, and I’d love your input for an even better 2017!  If you have a quick second, would you do me a flavor and fill out the survey below so I can better know how to serve you in 2017?  Thanks!
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HAPPY NEW YEAR! From my family to yours. :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! From my family to yours. 🙂




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