Two instrumental books for impacting spiritual growth; How reading these two books changed my habits by pointing to life-giving truths in Scripture.

Two instrumental books for impacting spiritual growth

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Have you ever read a book that spoke so deeply to your soul (other than the Bible) that it changed how you lived your life? That’s what happened to me a few years ago, and today, I’m excited to share with you two instrumental books that greatly impacted my spiritual growth.

To be precise – these books weren’t actually the reason I changed.  These books pointed me to the Truth of God’s Word – the ultimate, life-giving Book of books.  When a book inspires you to dig deeper into the Word of God and points you to the Source of life everlasting, you’ve found a good book indeed.


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Two instrumental books for impacting spiritual growth; How reading these two books changed my habits by pointing to life-giving truths in Scripture.

1.  Praying God’s Word – 2008

Mired in the grip of life-long, selfish habits and desperately seeking freedom, I picked up this valuable book which teaches a new powerful habit to kick old ones to the curb!

I discovered from that my most powerful weapon for victory was praying the Word of God.

As I began to highlight, copy the prayers on 3×5 cards, and implement them in my prayer life, I began to change.

Friend, God’s word is powerful and alive!  Praying His Word back to Him and affirming His promises will not only enrich your life, but it will change your life!

Favorite quote:

God has all the power we need to free us and keep us free, but in the matter of demolishing strongholds, He also demands our prayerful cooperation.

A few subjects covered:

Overcoming Unbelief

Overcoming Deception

Overcoming the Insecurity of feeling unloved

Overcoming Ongoing feelings of guilt

Overcoming Unforgiveness

Overcoming Depression

Author:  Beth Moore

I love the Scriptures Beth uses referencing God’s Truth for breaking down strongholds!!

That’s what I did with these 6 Powerful Scripture Prayers for Overwhelmed Moms – a free resource covering topics such as stamina, victory, and faith in child rearing.


2.  One Thousand Gifts – 2013

A mother’s day gift from my daughter, I put off reading this book until a year later in my empty-nesting grief.

With an unusual, poignant beginning covering grief and loss, the book builds on our need to know and believe that God is ultimately good.  The author accepted a challenge to write down one thousand things for which to give thanks, and as a result, her entire perspective changed.

As a grieving mama, I decided to also take up the thankfulness challenge, and what a difference it made in my outlook!

Favorite quote:

We only enter into the full life if our faith gives thanks.

A few subjects Covered:

An emptier, fuller life

What in the world, in all this world, is grace?

What do you want?  The place of seeing God

The joy of intimacy

Put your thinking cap on for this one and be sure to take time to absorb truth.  I’m so glad I did because I discovered thankfulness is the key to joy!

Author:  Ann Voskamp


I hope you’ll find some time this summer to dig into these light-casting books.  If you’re looking for victory over life-long struggles, I highly recommend Praying God’s Word.  And if you’re mired in the depths of a hard, mundane, sad life – please, check out 1,000 Gifts.  (Both can be found on Amazon, of which I am not an affiliate.)

Again, the Bible is THE true source and the BEST book for walking with Christ. We must never replace spending time in God’s Word with other books, no matter how good they seem.  But these books are tools to point you to the main, life-giving Book of Books!

Already read these?  Here are a few more great books to check out for summer reading!  What instrumental books have you’ve read that have impacted the way you live life?


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