Wait, where did the last 20 years go?

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Life is full of excitement and “firsts” with teenagers/young adults.  Today we took our son, Nolan, to college for his first taste of dorm life.  His younger sisters have told him they’re going to miss him so much when he’s gone. Life is like some kind of electrically charged atmosphere when the three of them are together, playing “got-you-last” all through the house, running around screaming and laughing hysterically, spouting off inside jokes, recording music with Nolan in his studio – so many, many memories.

Big sister Taryn is very concerned that her brother have a thriving social life.  Unable to be with us today for the send off, she texted regularly for updates. “What’s going on I need to know if Nolan has any friends yet.” I will never forget the Taryn and Nolan early years. She always talked for him.  Tried to pave the way, watch out for him. I remember the week before Taryn started kindergarten – watching the two of them in their wading pool, playing and splashing happily.  I thought, “These days are coming to an end.  Taryn is starting school, and it’ll never be like this again.” It was the end of an era.  There have been many more beginnings and endings since. I have an image in my mind of this morning before Taryn left – going in for a hug with her brother (who has never been one for affection).  It was sort of a back hug, like a choke hold around his neck.  Don’t worry, Taryn, he loves you, he just doesn’t want you to know he loves you.

Speaking of Taryn, she also had a first this week.  Her very first major purchase – a car! She is so proud of herself for this accomplishment.  She has worked her way into a very good job, assistant manager at a local clothing store, just started her last semester of college (praise God, she’s graduating in December!), and now, the car.  She’s getting ready to spread her wings and fly away.  I knew this would happen someday, but I still keep asking myself, “When did they grow up?!?” It just seemed like we always had a bunch of kids and it would always be that way.  In fact, I’m one of those moms who proudly displays the sign, “Who are all these kids, and why do they keep calling me mom?”

Ah well, it’s very exciting to watch their lives unfold and know that all that hard work is paying off.  On the way to Nolan’s new place of abode today I heard Hayley say, “You don’t have any embarrasing underwear, do you?” What she should have said was, “You are going to wash your underwear, aren’t you?”  And that, my friends, is something that I’m sure Mr. Nolan hasn’t even considered yet!!!

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