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rp_untitled-42-217x300.pngIt’s here!  After months of effort agonizing, I’ve launched my new site, and I think you’re going to love it!

Rear, Release, Regroup is more of the same kind of advice in story form that I’ve been writing for years over at Live, Laugh, Love and Ruthie’s Kozi Kitchen!  You will probably notice a few more changes to this site in the weeks to come, which won’t affect your receiving or viewing, only perfecting the process. 

{In case you’re new here, my true life stories are written to spur you, the parent in any stage of life, to joyful, purposeful parenting in Christ, with a view towards seeking the humor in everyday life.  And if you are new – welcome!}

A bit of background about myself. I am mother first and foremost.  Mothering is my passion, and the summarization of my dreams in life.

(Other than the thin body, silky blond hair, and eternal youth.)

I have four grown children, three of which are out of the nest, and one perched just on the edge (boo hoo hoo)! Because of this, I’ve had to regroup.  Hence, the name of this blog.

Refocusing on life as an empty nester (and yet, still a mother), I’m working on hobbies and reconnecting with my dear husband, who’s been waiting in the wings, so to speak.  For years, he has traveled with his job so I could stay home with the children, and now, I’m able to accompany him on his travels!  You’ll hear about him a lot, as marriage is also a frequent topic ’round here.  His name is Jim. One last thing:


Have I told you about my grandchildren?!untitled (55)

No?  Well, I’m a Gigi.  Even though my name is Ruthie, other people around here (who shall remain nameless) call me Gigi too, because it’s catchy.  If you want to call me Gigi, that’s fine by me, ’cause I’m proud of it.

What’s that?  How many grandbabies do I have?


And one on the way.

That makes two.

Anyhoo, my one that’s outside the womb is named Sawyer.  Aka “Tiny Tornado”, and he is 22 months, and he will tell you that.  The kid can talk, just like his mama.  Boy, is he cute!


So, girlfriend, I’m glad you’re here.  (And if you’re a man, I’m sorry I called you that – you are welcome here too!)

How to sum this up – all that I want to say to you about what you will learn from this blog.


Imagine organized chaos.  That is what moms of littles in the nest possess.  You need a word of encouragement to let you know you’re doing well, and YES – you are.going.to.make.it!!!


And then we have disorganized chaos.  That is what moms of big ones out of the nest get.  For as I have learned throughout the past five years of releasing, once they leave, life starts happening TO you.


As in – you don’t get to plan it anymore because you’re not at the helm. 

They show up and say “Hey, we’re moving, can you help?”  Or “Hey, we’re having a baby, reserve the month of March to be on call” or, “Hey, I want to go to Zimbabwe for the summer, can you send money?”

Imagine God as the umbrella over all this chaos. This blog is about:

  • Rearing children in all stages and transitions of life
  • Releasing them into the world as fully functional adults
  • Regrouping your life (because after all, you’ve been mothering for over half of it)

And all of this is anchored in the truths of Christ’s Word.  You will find posts about my faith in my Savior and how to walk and grow and thrive in that faith. My favorite verse on which I hang these truths is found in Proverbs 31:25

“Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she laughs at the time to come.”

Isn’t that great?  Imagine – laughing at the future!

Do you ever do that? I’m learning!

Listen, girlfriend.  I’ve had a hard time coming to grips with this whole empty nest thing, and chances are, you probably have too.  So let’s get together over a cup of coffee and see what we can do about that! I’ve found a lot of help through God’s Word, prayer, and experience. And I’m ready to share it with you!

untitled (56)



So if you like what you read here and are interested in joining the journey, may I invite you to sign up to receive my posts via email?  The box is to the upper right of this page, and all you have to do is enter your email address and then once you get your first email asking you to confirm, you hit that confirmation link and BAM!  You’re ready for the ride!


And, welcome, one and all, to my new home.  Please feel free to grab a cup of coffee, look around, make yourself at home, and even enter a comment or two if you’d like!

And don’t forget to find the joy in this day where you are – rearing, releasing, or regrouping!

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  1. It’s like a housewarming party! We need to have a pounding for you 🙂 Do you know what that is? This is the Cozy Kitchen you always belonged in. The colors are so warm and inviting. And they match your smile. Seriously. Everything about it just makes ME smile. That title. So jealous. That one is ON PAR for you!

    Happy, happy, day to you, dear friend. It was worth it! (Kinda like giving birth!)

    1. Post

      Aww shucks. And of course I know what a pounding is – I’ve read all Beverly Lewis’s Amish books. 😉 Remember when I said I was using pink? Yeah. That didn’t look right. And then, it was blue. Then, yellow and orange. Then blue and green again. Oh the agony of choosing colors!!! But in the end, I felt this was happy and warm. So I guess my smile is orange and yellow – that’s cool.
      Thank you so much for all of your affirmation and support. You were definitely a major contributor to this project, and I’m so grateful! And I’m glad you like the title. That was more agonizing but when I hit on it I just felt it.
      Giving birth? I guess you could liken it to that. At least the painful, agonizing part. But you’re right, I’m so, so happy with it. 🙂

  2. Your new blog is beautiful, Ruthie! Warm and inviting. I’m glad that I snooped my way in here to take a look. Kinda feels like I’m walking into someone’s new house before they get all the furniture in and the boxes unpacked. You are going to be very successful here. I’m happy for you!

    1. Post

      Hi Rosemary! Thanks so much for stopping by to take a look and I value your opinion because you are the graphics queen! I loved your analogy to the new house feel. It does kinda feel like that, and I love it. Still working out several bugs, but I do love the look!

    1. Post

      Hi Christy!!!
      Thanks so so much for coming over to check it out!! I’m so glad we found each other! I appreciate your kind, supportive words. I can’t tell you how much getting your comment this morning meant to me. It’s been a wild and crazy ride plus one talk off a cliff this morning!!!

  3. Love the new site. Caught up on everything too. Except I’m trying to add you to my google plus and it keeps giving me some error code. I can’t even begin to think about why and who’s end it may be on. Anyways, will sign up by email to get you in my mailbox like before. I have a new email address so I unsubscribed from the old and adding the new. Great site!

    1. Post

      Thanks so much, friend! The google trouble is on my end. Been trying to figure it out for days. I’m getting closer though, I can feel it! 🙂
      Great to reconnect again!

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