What I learned about technology and the perils thereof

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It’s time for “Five Minute Friday” over on Katemotaung’s blog!  Set the timer, write for five minutes, and post!  Today’s word prompt: 


“Build a website in 5 minutes”, they said.

“It won’t be hard, you can do this!”  Friends said.

Yeah, that statement was meant for all the left brainers in the world, not me.

You guys don’t understand.  I. don’t. do. technology.

I’ve been trying to build a new blog with WordPress.org for the past three months.


I know I was lead to it.  I know I’m supposed to be doing it.

The problem is, I can’t learn it.

I’ve been through so many pot holes and stressful moments during this whole process that I’ve literally cried, yelled, and wanted to pull my hair out.

Zipped folders, tutorials, google videos, a blogger’s boot camp, another blog tutorial on how to set up a web site…

Anything that could go wrong while I was trying to learn…


One day my husband (the left brained, techno guru who used to work for the House of Representatives setting up their computer network systems)

– clutched his head in dismay and said, “I’ve never SEEN so many WEIRD problems such as you have.  Ruthie, I OWNED my own computer business, and NONE of the customers EVER had the crazy problems you have!!!”

And then, he fixed my problem (for the 5467903456th time).

You guys.  I’m trying to learn.  I promise.

And Lord willing, Monday morning, this blog will defer to the new blog, called, “Rear, Release, Regroup.”

But if it doesn’t…

You’ll know what happened.


                     COMING SOON (well, I hope)!!!

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  1. Good luck on setting up your new blog. It is definitely a learning process. I finally took advantage of a Blogelina special. She did a great job on my blog. Thanks for sharing. I will pray for you success. Your neighbor of FMF. 🙂

  2. HOW EXCITING! I love WordPress BUT I only do the day-to-day stuff not the setup and stuff. I can do widgets and new pages but I leave the plug-in's to my web guru Dawn, but I also have to give her money!!! You made the party!!!

  3. Oh MY! Forgive me Ruthie, but I laughed out loud as I read your post We're soul sista's! I have a terrible time figuring techno stuff out and rely on my darling hubby to rescue me when I can't! In fact, my fmf post was about being at the twitter party for the first time last night. Too funny! Sitting at the #8 spot today

  4. Awww, Ruthie. I'm so sorry. Technological frustrations can drive a girl to run away, screaming and pulling her hair out by the clumps. I hope you'll be able to figure it out. There must be a reason it's been so difficult. I'm guessing God has big plans for your new site. I'm looking forward to seeing it!

  5. Yeah, don't even get me started about a Twitter partying, I still don't get that. I just don't even understand Twitter even though I have a handle. I'm glad you get me here, and you're welcome for the laugh, I'm so glad there's someone else out there who feels my pain! 🙂

  6. Good Luck!! Technology can be such a pain sometimes. I would love to change over to WordPress but am too chicken to take the plunge. I'm parked in the #12 spot this week.

  7. Ruthie!
    God often leads us through difficult things. You are definitely in a learn-ing position this week. Maybe this is His humor and comfort all at once to you. 😀
    And don't feel bad. It's really not an age group issue, it's a "need to" issue. If you write online, and you have a .com site, you need to do more than the average .blogspot writer. 😀
    If I ever switch, I'll be calling you!
    For now, I'm happy sitting here with my dial-up connection to AOL. (LOL)
    (sweet 16 this week)

  8. I Love, love, love the new logo. You. can. do. this, Bob-the-builder!

    So smiling at you that you powered through. I didn't know you were still having so many issues. Message me. Cause it's not shake-n-bake, but I can help! (Ok, do you have a file of old commercials and tv shows in your head?) If not, this friendship might not work out 'cause I often speak in Disney phrases or TV theme song lines 😉

    Moving on…

    Can't wait for the new site. Your stuff needs to shine and it WILL on the new platform.

  9. Ahhh where to even begin responding to this. I'll probably just email you, Tex. suffice it to say I speak retro commercial fluently so we're golden! And thanks for the affirmation! ACK. Bob the builder is still shakin' and bakin'! 🙂

  10. Hey Tara! I'm heading your way today to check out your Friday post. I have some suggestions for you, should you ever decide to take the plunge! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  11. Dial up? Oh my, bless your heart! And you're absolutely right about the .com site responsibilities. ACK! But I'm getting there and YES – look me up if you ever do switch because I've got some suggestions for you! 🙂

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