When stress and anger are like peas and carrots

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When stress and anger are like peas and carrots; learning to react positively. Tips on anger and stress management for moms.


“I blew it with my four-year-old yesterday.  Her constant whining wears me down.”

“I’m pregnant with my third and the hormones are raging!”

“My older kids fight non-stop, and the baby is headed into the ‘Terrible-Two’s’!”

“I have a stressful job and when I come home, all I see is the mess.  It makes me want to blow up!”

“My teenager is stressing me out-I get so tired of the power-struggle!

What do these statements have in common?


What mother doesn’t have stress in her life?

(If you know one, please introduce me.  I’ve always wanted to see the 8th Wonder of the World.)

Stress and anger go together like peas and carrots

Many times, we unconsciously view it as such.  As situations escalate, so do our tempers.  It’s only natural, right?


Facts about stress

1.)  Stress is a part of life

2.)  Our normal reaction to stress is resistance

3.)  Resistance in the form of anger gone wrong (yelling, ranting, and the general losing of one’s mind) is called wrath, and

4.)  Wrath benefits absolutely no one.


When was the last time you screamed at your kids and your whole environment instantly turned peaceful?

My mama always said “stupid is as stupid does”

Blowing it does not bring peace.

Run, Forest, Run!

And when we fall into bed at night, reflecting on the day, we regretfully count the cost.

My mama always said you’ve got to put the past behind you before you can move on.

So how can we deal with stress without spewing our anger?


If you’d like to know the answer to that, I have a guest post called How to deal with stress without anger over at FaithAlongTheWay.com today! Better hop on over and find out, because-

My mama always said life was like a box of chocolates.  You never know what you’re gonna get.


*All quotes from the movie, Forest Gump


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We do a lot of fun things together- but I have definitely not been doing a good job of just getting on the floor and playing with them.
So yesterday, I shared this goal with my girls! I let them know that I wanted to have some extra special time with them before they head back to school and that we needed to think up some fun activities to do together!
We all thought of several ideas- playing barbies, play doh, bake cookies, jump on the trampoline, color/craft, etc. I had the girls write these activities down on pieces of paper and we stuffed them into a mason jar 🙂  Read on to find out how Justine’s plan is coming along!


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