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     About four years ago I found out anyone could blog.  I’ve always felt a need inside of me to express my thoughts and feelings on paper.  Growing up, I wrote a lot, even as a little kid I had a diary all about my secret crushes at the ripe old age of 9.  In high school I kept a journal of my quiet times with the Lord.  Throughout my marriage I’ve spent time journaling.  My aunt was an editor of our local newspaper (it runs in the family), and she arranged a short term column for me several years ago, writing about mothering four youngsters. 

     My first blog was called “My Mountain Biking Adventures” because my husband had given me a bike for Mother’s Day one year and I literally had not been on a bike in 30 years.  That lasted a while until I decided to do a small triathlon.  So the next blog was, “My First Triathlon”. Of course, there was only 6 weeks until the event when I began the blog, so that was a pretty short stint.  Up next:  “Ruthie’s Kozi Kitchen”, which is still up and running, thanks to Pinterest and faithful cooks everywhere, even though I haven’t entered a new recipe for about a year.  But my real love and passion isn’t mountain biking, triathlon-ing, or even cooking.  It’s my family and my walk with the Lord.  Hence, the birth of “Live-Laugh-Love”.  The journal of my life, the humorous parts and the raw experiences, with sometimes advice for younger mothers, and of late, sharing about my empty nest adjustment, and new role as gulp grandma – or GiGi, as I like to be called!

     I have a small community of Facebook friends who enjoy the blog and look forward to the encouragement they say they receive there.  For me, that is enough, and yet, I feel the nudge of the Holy Spirit to enlarge my borders.  He has impressed this upon my heart time and again through various sources, and so I am working towards whatever that next step is.  I am still learning and growing in the blogging world, so a big thanks to my new friends over at The Loft for the chance to link up and become part of this positive Christian blogger community, any and all tips are welcome! 




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