Your stubborn child; 3 ways he's a next generation superhero! Learn to appreciate and guide your strong willed child's God' given strengths.

Your stubborn child; 3 ways he’s a next generation superhero

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If you have a stubborn child, I have fantastic news for you today!  Strong-Willers (I call them Swillers) often turn out to be superheros in their own right.  If you’re sitting there shaking your head (yet hoping this isn’t a pipedream), here are three encouraging thoughts for the marathon of parenting these dear (stubborn) souls.


Your stubborn child; 3 ways he's a next generation superhero! Learn to appreciate and guide your strong willed child's God' given strengths. #stubbornchild #strongwilledchild



1.  Determination breeds endurance for the stubborn child

I have a friend whose Swiller is ten and this kid will chop wood all day long.  Another friend’s Swiller cuts grass for several neighbors.  My own husband is a Swiller and that man can outwork me any day.  In fact, he usually does our laundry, often cleans the kitchen, and even cooks!

What does your Swiller stick with that your other children leave by the wayside?  When my youngest was three, she could already outclean her brother and sisters!  (This offset the daily clothing wars.)

2.  Leadership is in the future of the stubborn child

Let’s face it – introverts do NOT want to lead and somebody’s gotta do it!  These Swillers can not only lead, they can make you like it!  When my husband was growing up, the elderly neighbor used to tell his parents, “That kid is gonna either be a lawyer, a politician, or a car salesman, ’cause he can lie right to your face and make you like it!”

Obviously I’m not encouraging you to let your Swiller become a pathological liar.  What I am saying is that their natural power of persuasion will serve them well, if channeled rightly.


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3.  Visionaries come from Swillers (aka the stubborn child)

The Strong Willed adult can often see potential where no one else has the energy to believe, much less persist. Some examples of modern day adult swillers:  Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates, Tiger Woods, Jay Leno, Oprah, Barbara Bush, Michael J. Fox, and Dianne Sawyer.  Regardless of your opinion (or political stance) on these famous personalities, there’s no denying they’ve each accomplished terrific tasks in their own right.

Two Bible personalities come to mind:  Peter and Paul.  Both accomplished amazing feats for the cause of Christ!

Swillers are full of unlimited potential. Adult Swillers have almost no ceiling – The sky is the limit with this personality!

I always told myself if I could just hang on, my Swillers would end up blowing me out of the water someday (in a good way).

And then, there’s my daughter, the Little Mama (mother of The Tiny Tornado – the Ultimate Stubborn Child).


Encouragement from a former weary mom


Your stubborn child; 3 ways he's a next generation superhero! Learn to appreciate and guide your strong willed child's God' given strengths.

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This is just a small example and yet a proud mama moment. Last month, my oldest Swiller took down all the shutters on her home and painted her front door blue. She then painted the shutters the same color and painted the inside of the door a rustic tan to match her Johanna Gaines-ish style decor.

The previous week, she potty trained her Swiller son (a.k.a. The Tiny Tornado) in three days.

And the week before that, my stubborn child, the mama of 2 rambunctious kiddos, finished another successful round of the 21 day fix.

Strong-willed children will test your limits, take you up hills and around bends you never planned on, and make you want to hide in the closet with  Oreos.

But those Swillers often grow up to change the world, change families, and change lives.

And my stubborn child? She grew up to be my best friend.

Hang in there, mama. Your Swiller is a work in progress and someday he or she will blow you out of the water too!

Now – leave a comment and tell me one GOOD thing you love about your Swiller that encourages you to hang in there!

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  1. My swiller was determined to tie his shoes, at the age of 4.5 he succeeded in tying them. Mastering a skill that took his laid back brother another 2 years to accomplish.

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